We believe in being as flexible as possible and are equally as used to working to tight deadlines or on year-long projects.

Our production backbone is based primarily on a waterfall structure plus the best bits of agile. The first task in any project we undertake is defining the process we will follow to ensure we give the work space to breathe and evolve as it needs to.

We take the same amount of care with every single project, from a quick turnaround socially led campaign site through to a 6-month long native mobile app or full blown website builds.

We also have a couple of core beliefs that underpin everything we do…

We start with the audience

Producing a stunning example of digital craftsmanship is great but if its delivered within a context that jars with the overall experience — it will do more harm than good.

We therefore need to understand WHERE the audience is, HOW we want them to engage and WHAT we want them to do.

We keep an eye on whats next

Well, you’d hope so…right? There’s a lot of noise out there. Keeping on top of national and global trends is critical. And yes, we know the difference between trends, fads and memes.

We research and we prototype

This helps keep our company and our clients at the forefront of technology and identifies real trends through genuine research. This in turn allows us to take top line technical concepts, attach commercial value and then look for opportunities to productise and create our own IP